• What Are the Options for Recovering Deleted Files From Google Drive?

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    Nowadays, losing files or data from people is not a special issue. Files and data can be lost or deleted for any reason such as accidental or intentional cause. Nowadays most people use mobile phones as a very simple device to store the data they need. People use Google Drive on their mobile phones to store many important and confidential files.

    You may have saved a file in your Google Drive. But if your data or file is somehow deleted from Google Drive, do you know how to recover it? If you have no idea how to data recovery from Google Drive, then today’s discussion is going to be very important for you. Because in today’s discussion I will explain in detail how you can easily recover deleted files from Google Drive. If you want to use the option to recover deleted files from Google Drive, you must know how your file has been deleted.

    A file can be deleted and restored in a variety of ways. Your files can still be recovered if they were “soft-deleted,” which implies they were erased using the built-in Google tools. Also, if your data has been “hard-deleted” forever.

    Here’s what you need to do if you want to retrieve items from the Google Drive Trash folder:

    To delete a file, first go to the trash under the drive and right click on the file you want to delete. After that, you’ll get a context menu with two options: restore and delete forever. You must choose between two recovery options that will allow you to recover the file and restore it to its original location.

    Google Drive usually has 30 days to delete files. If you do not recover them within 30 days, they may be permanently deleted. You must first right-click on a file in Google Drive to retrieve the alternate version of the overwritten file using the sign-controlled version under the G Suite admin account. In the context menu, there is an option to Manage Versions. Normally the Manage Open Version dialog box displays the available versions of the file that can be retrieved. The date and timestamp of the file will be displayed, allowing the user to observe the captured timeline of the version. After deciding on a version, you must select the download from the three “dots” attached to the file. This will allow you to download the latest version of the file you have chosen.

    If you do not like the above method, there is another way to restore the overwritten files to the previous organization. In this method you first need to find the required file and then click on the last edit link at the top of the page. A list of all changes made to this file will then be provided, as well as the date and time that was fixed. You will then need to review the changes and identify and select the version you need. Now you can recover the version from the dropdown menu.

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