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    July 5, 2021 /  Uncategorized

    The amount of stuff that we have to do is staggering to be honest, so we have been up here about a week and we still have a lot of boxes laying around. Our bed is up and we can watch TV in there, but I had to go back to High Point and Emily had to get ready for the start of the semester. She is really excited to have her first job as a college professor after all of the work she has done. I found a tree service in Hendersonville today because we have the sort of problem I am not going to try to fix myself. Apparently within the past week or so a tree has fallen in the front yard, or rather it has half way fallen and became hung up in another tree that is directly in front of the front door. I can not tell what will happen if it comes loose. It seems to me as though it would miss the house or if not, it will barely clip the corner of the house and the carport.

    That does not help us with the moving. Obviously it seems like tempting fate to be going and back and forth beneath the threat of imminent death, so when we moved our stuff in from the rental truck we had to go in an out of the back door. I thought about taking the truck back there, but I was not sure where the septic field is and it did not seem as though I wanted to collapse it. I certainly did not want to take that truck into the back yard and get it stuck. I hate to even think about the look that the tow truck driver would give you if you needed him.

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