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    My wife and I were doing a little remodeling in the bathroom a few weeks ago and my wife accidentally threw a tool into the air. The tool landed on the shower enclosure and broke one side of the glass. It’s a good thing that I wasn’t anywhere near her when she threw the tool, or it might have hit me instead of the enclosure. There was nothing we could really do to repair it on our own, so he had to find someone to do a shower enclosure replacement in NJ.

    Even though the moment had passed, my wife couldn’t stop thinking about how she just threw the tool into the air. She’s never really that clumsy or careless, so to her this was a big shock. I told her not to worry too much about it, even though in the back of my mind, I was constantly thinking about having to pay for a new shower enclosure. My wife and I were already following a strict budget for the remodeling projects and the new shower enclosure meant that we would be going over our budget.

    I was able to get in touch with a company that does glass work, and they came to take some measurements for the new shower enclosure. The price they gave me for the enclosure was pretty good. I was still going over the budget that I had set aside for the remodeling, but it wasn’t by much. The installation of the replacement shower enclosure went by pretty quickly, and after it was done, my wife and I went back to working on the remodeling. We had to take the cabinets down and install new ones that we purchased from a home improvement store. The cabinets had to be put together by us, and I told my wife to be careful with the tools.