• The Animals Must Stay Cool

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    May 10, 2021 /  Uncategorized

    At the pet store that I run, I have to keep the temperature at the right setting because of all of the animals that live there. Just a couple of weeks ago, I needed a repair for HVAC in Bronx done because the air conditioner wasn’t putting out cold air, and I didn’t want the animals to overheat. There are some animals in the store that can stand a little more heat than some of the others, but I would rather not have to risk any of them dying because of a heat problem. I’ll do anything I can to prevent anything bad from happening to them.

    I had some fans running in the pet store, but the fans can only do so much to keep the animals cool. I also had some cool treats in the freezer to give them. They love to eat pieces of frozen fruit, not only because it’s cool, but because they love the sweet taste of it. The fruit is healthy for them, as it has been approved as a good nutritional food by vets, so there’s no problem with giving them any. Of course, the fruit is only able to keep the animals cool if I have enough to give them. Once I ran out of fruit, I had to rely on cold water and the fans again.

    The pets were able to sit in their cool environment again once the air conditioner was fixed by the repair company that I contacted. I bought some more fruit from the grocery store to put into the freezer. Even though there was cool air again, I figured that the animals would like to have another cool and tasty treat again in the future. I just like feeding it to them and watching their reactions while they eat it.

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