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    September 6, 2019 /  Uncategorized

    I moved to Las Vegas nearly two years ago, and in that time, I’ve run into some pretty weird people. After just a month of living there, I contacted ADT North Las Vegas and had them put a system in my home. It’s done a good job of keeping an eye on things in and around my home, while deterring other people from coming to my home to try anything. Other people who don’t have security systems that live near me haven’t been so lucky. One woman who had been living in her home for over 30 years had her home broken into while she was sleeping in it.

    If something like that happened to me, I would have probably moved out of Las Vegas the next day, but this woman didn’t. She told me that she’s been in her home for so long, and she doesn’t want to be driven out by some criminal. I admire her attitude and hope that I can be like that when I become her age, but for right now, I won’t rule out the idea of moving if push comes to shove. Other people have a similar manner of thinking to that woman. I guess the longer you stay in Vegas, the less you want to leave.

    The seasons are getting ready to change, and usually when that happens, you hear about more incidents happening on the news. I hope everyone else has their security systems in order, because I know I do. I’ll be doing my best to keep an eye out for the other homes that don’t but I can’t see everything, and I can’t watch all of the homes all of the time. I still have to go to work and take care of other things while thinking about my own home.

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