• My Gram is Moving into a New Condo

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    February 22, 2019 /  Uncategorized

    When my grandfather passed away, my gram told me that the house was just too hard to live in anymore. I asked her if she wanted to move in with me since I have a spare bedroom and am rarely home. She was hoping I would say that, but she said it was just until she found her own condo in the city. I was not worried about that, because I knew that I would enjoy having her live with me. About two weeks ago, she told me about the Treasure at Tampines condo that she was going to move into.

    It is not ready yet, but that is okay because she is happy here right now. Living with her this last year has shown me an independence streak in her that I never realized was there. She uses so many of the amenities here at my own condo development, so she knew what she wanted and did not want when she does move. Even though she is my grandmother, she is often mistaken for my mom because of how young she looks and how active she is.

    She can run circles around a lot of people in the gym and swimming pool areas, and that surprised even me. One of the reasons why she chose Treasure at Tampines is because they have similar features there. She definitely wants to continue working out and swimming, plus she wants to go out with her friends to the theater and local restaurants. Treasure at Tampines is in the perfect location for this as it puts her closer to her two best friends as well as her sister. I know she is going to enjoy living there when she takes over the one bedroom condo she has her eye on, and I am happy that she is doing so well.

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