Curiosities and How Festival Entertainment Works

Have you ever stopped to think about how music connects people and the universe? It is what allows the whole world to connect, which gives the country its image, which has a universal language, that is festival entertainment.

Music is part of people’s everyday lives. Try taking the music out of a party or a wedding ceremony. Or take the music from those who ended their relationship. Or get-togethers, long public transport routes, or sports. Did you see?

Here are some tips and festivals:

1 – Quebec Winter Carnival

Québec, with its more than 500,000 inhabitants, and just over 178 km from Montreal, in the province of the same name, also has one of the most important festivals in Canada: the Quebec Winter Carnival or “Carnival de Québec”. The festival attracts thousands of tourists annually, who seek joy, fun and originality, its main characteristics.

The oldest city in Canada, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, holds its famous carnival (one of the main winter festivals on the planet) always between the end of January and the first days of February. Various shows, parades, fireworks shows, gastronomic fairs, games, contests, among others, are spread across predetermined places in the city.


Rock Am Ring simultaneous to Rock Am Park is Germany’s biggest mega-festival, with a total audience of 150,000 at both events. The same artists play in two different locations across the country during the first weekend in June. Festivals may evolve and change over the years, but rock music will always be at the core of Rock Am Ring.


The event has been taking place for 20 years in Barcelona and is one of the biggest in Europe. The festival brings together different musical styles, from jazz, flamenco, reggaeton, calypso, to reggae, but mainly pop, electronic and rock. It seeks to be a festival that operates with other parameters, prioritizing the seasons that each artist has and differentiating itself from festivals like Lollapalooza and Rock in Rio.

4 – Montreal International Jazz Festival

If Canada figures on almost every list of the 10 happiest countries in the world, Montreal is undoubtedly among Canada’s 10+.

This is the city where the inhabitants are most willing to go out and “enjoy life” – and it is not by chance that one of the biggest festivals in Canada and the world takes place every year: the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Many others, this is just a little bit of festival culture.

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