The Eerie Sight of Crows

There used to be a lot of crows that would gather in my lawn. I thought they were coming there because of the worms that would come to the surface because of the rain, but even on days when there was no rain, the crows would still come, and it was so weird. I could walk right past them and they wouldn’t do anything to me, but they would just sit there until they got ready to fly away. I had to contact a bird pest control company to get rid of them, because I couldn’t use something like a scarecrow in my front lawn outside of Halloween.

What made my whole situation even weirder is that the crows would only come to my lawn, and not anyone else’s home near mine. I felt like I was the only one going through this problem. When I told the company about my problem with the crows, they told me that it was a common problem that people have called about in the past. Since they’ve had lot of experience with this particular problem, I felt confident that they would be able to keep the crows from coming on my lawn.

The bird control company came early in the morning to see the large group of crows resting on my lawn. They didn’t seem phased by the sight one bit. They did what they had to do to get the crows off the lawn, and then used what they had to make sure that the crows would not come back. Since the company came, I haven’t had any more trouble out of the crows. I see them flying in the air, and some of them rest in the trees, but they don’t rest on my lawn in large groups like they did in the past.

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